Lacquers for high vacuum metallization process
Vacuum metallization base and top lacquers for application by spray, flow coat or by dip specially designed for plastic and metallic substrates.


  • fast curing time of base coat lacquers;
  • similar finishing to the galvanic process but with a lower environmental impact;
  • very good adhesion even for the most demanding substrates (eg polypropylene);
  • very good protection to oxidation, abrasion, aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohol and perfumes.

Base coat lacquers:

  • traditional and high solid for thermoplastics;
  • high solid for metallic alloys ;
  • UV curing;
  • flow coating and dipping applications.

Top coat lacquers:

  • traditional and high solid abrasion resistant;
  • alcohol and perfume resistant for cosmetic packaging;
  • water based;
  • UV curing.


  • oils for high vacuum diffusion pumps;
  • concentrated liquid dye stuff to be added into the top coat lacquers;
  • matting agent for special effects;
  • primers to improve adhesion ;
  • thinners.

Application fields:

  • cosmetic packaging;
  • car and bike accessories;
  • furniture components;
  • various objects;
  • jewelry;
  • christmas decorations;
  • toys.