Release agents for composites
Marbo supply a wide range of products suitable for all composites production processes : from the hand made lamination to the most advance techniques such as RTM , Infusion and Vacuum bagging. Marbo release agents can be used with all the different types of resins such as Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy, Acrylic and Phenolic, reinforced or not with Fiberglass, Carbon fiber or Kevlar.


  • easy and fast application, even by spray;
  • approved product for the aerospace Industry;
  • no transfer onto the moulded items;
  • multiple releases for each application;
  • resistant to high temperatures (up to 450°C).

Sacrificial release agents:

  • wax paste for GRP;
  • liquid wax in solvent for spray or brush application;
  • polyvinilic alcohol;
  • water based multi-release.

Semi-permanent release agents:

  • solvent based to be applied by rag or by spraying;
  • water based to be applied by rag or by spraying ;
  • sealers;
  • cleaners for moulds.

Application fields:

  • automotive;
  • transportation;
  • marine;
  • wind blades;
  • aerospace;
  • high tech composite;
  • rotational mouldings;
  • pultrusion.