Products for die casting aluminium, magnesium
and zinc alloys
The Marbo range of “DL”die casting lubricants have been developed over many years for the high pressure casting of Aluminium, Magnesium and Zinc alloys in order to meet the foundry needs for better release, finish and metal flow.


  • environmentally friendly;
  • reduced soldering;
  • better cycle times;
  • better metal flow;
  • reduced build up;
  • high finish.

Water based lubricants:

    • standard quality (SQ): a) semi-synthetic b) synthetic;
    • high performances (HP): a) semi-synthetic b) synthetic.

Coating and paste:

  • coating for ladles and thermocouples;
  • graphited paste for soldering prevention;
  • aluminium pigmented paste for mould start up;
  • graphited grease for general lubrication.

Plungers lubricants:

  • neat oil with and without graphite;
  • water based synthetic and mineral oil;
  • high performance synthetic lubricants (minimal system);
  • white and black beads.

Dy-co test and thermographic analysis:

  • with the aid of dy-co test technology we can calculate the cooling rate of our release agents and therefore offer customers the correct lubricant to meet their requirements;
  • infrared thermographic analysis is used to determine accurate die temperatures and therefore assist in the correct selection of release agent, thus helping to improve production efficiency.

Application fields:

  • automotive;
  • building;
  • home appliances;
  • transportation;