Chemical specialties for shoe industry
Complete range of products for shoe industry: direct outsole single and dual density, sole, midsole and heels.


  • 40 years of Marbo business experience and customer service success;
  • easy application;
  • low build up ;
  • tailor made formulations of release agents;
  • RAL, Pantone and bespoken colours preparation.

Release agents:

  • solvent based;
  • water based;
  • high Solid solvent based, low emission;
  • concentrated solvent free.


For PU, THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER, PVC and ABS and PS heels finishings.
  • by spraying and by dipping;
  • covering and coloured by liquid dyestuff, gloss and matt;
  • special effect: brush-off, cork imitation, velvet effect, rubber like, metalized, pearl effect;
  • matt levelling to achieve uniform surface;
  • for pad cycles.

Colour pastes:

High performance dispersions of organic and inorganic pigments, in eco carriers with high compatibility for mass and mixing head dosing coloration for all kinds of polyurethanes either polyesthers or polyethers.
  • inert and ecological carriers based;
  • polyol based;
  • UV stabilized.

Antistatic additives:

To dissipate and to prevent the electrostatic charges of the polyurethane soles.

Application fields:

  • PU, TR, PVC and THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER shoe soles;
  • safety and leisure soles;
  • ABS and PS heels and wedges.