Graphited products for forging, drawing and gravity casting
The “Grafolube” range of oil based graphited lubricants and “Aqua graf” water based graphited lubricants are the answer to your hot and cold forging problems.


  • oil based with low fogging and high flash point (Grafolube);
  • environmentally friendly (Aqua Graf);
  • high performance.


Oil based graphited dispersions.
  • for high pressure hot forging;
  • semi-synthetic with high flash point;
  • colloidal.

Aqua Graf:

Graphited water based micronized colloidal dispersions to complete the range of products for the forging industry. This range of colloidal graphite’s are used where high specification production is required.
  • water based colloidal dispersion with dimension size <1,0µ;
  • water based semi-colloidal dispersion with dimension size >1,0µ;
  • water based graphite dispersion for high temperatures.

Application fields:

  • brass hot forging;
  • steel hot forging;
  • hollow glass moulding;
  • aluminum, steel, copper drawing;
  • aluminum and copper continuos cast;
  • brass die casting;
  • gravity and shell melting.