Products for the rubber industry
A comprehensive range of release agents, lubricants, antitacks for the production of rubber technical parts.


  • environmental friendly formulations;
  • tailor made products;
  • mould cleaning cycles reduction.

Rubber compounds::

  • batch-off antitacks;
  • antitacks for rubber pellets;
  • processing aids;
  • colour pastes.

Shaped hoses and long length hoses:

  • biodegradable lubricants for NBR, CR, EPDM and VAMAC short hoses;
  • solvent and water based lubricants for long length hoses built either on rigid or flexible mandrels.

Power transmission belts::

Release agents for mandrels, moulds and curing bladders for the production of power transmission belts.

Technical parts moulding:

Water and solvent based semipermanent mould release agents for the production of technical parts such as o’rings, gaskets, rubber to metal bonded made by compression, transfer and injection.

Latex foams:

Biodegradable release agents for natural and synthetic latex foams.

Coating for EPDM profiles:

Water based 2 components coating for EPDM profiles for the automotive industry.

Rubber crumbs:

Release agents and colour paste for rubber crumb flooring.

Application fields:

  • automotive;
  • building;
  • home appliances;
  • transportation.