Wide range of release agents for the tyre production: from mixing to finishing passing through building and curing departments.


  • water based biodegradable and eco friendly formulations;
  • tailor made products;
  • reduction of release agent consumption;
  • better part finishing.


  • batch – off antitacks;
  • antitacks for rubber pellets;
  • solvent based semipermanent release agent for for tyre building drums;
  • high lubricity water based inside tyre paints;
  • water based outside tyre paints;
  • water based monocomponent bladder coating;
  • water based semipermanent mould release agents;
  • lubricants for tyre rim fitting;
  • water based tyre finishing paint.

Application fields:

  • automotive;
  • motorcycles;
  • agriculture;
  • construction;
  • aeronautic.